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Sample HAZWOPER PPE Inspection Checklists

Before use:
· Determine that the clothing material is correct for the specified task at hand.
· Visually inspect for:
- Imperfect seams
- non-uniform coatings
- tears
- malfunctioning closures
· Hold up to light and check for pinholes.
· Flex product:
- observe for cracks
- observe for other signs of shelf deterioration
· If the product has been used previously, inspect inside and out for signs of chemical attack:
- discoloration
- swelling
- stiffness

During the work task, periodically inspect for:
· Evidence of chemical attack such as discoloration, swelling, stiffening, and softening. Keep in mind, however, that chemical permeation can occur without any visible effects.
· Closure failure.
· Tears.
· Puncture.
· Seam discontinuities.

· BEFORE USE, pressurize glove to check for pinholds. Either blow into glove, then roll gauntlet towards fingers or inflate glove and hold under water. In either case, no air should escape.

Before use:
· Check the operation of pressure relief valves.
· Inspect the fitting of wrists, ankles, and neck
· Check faceshield, if so equipped, for:
- cracks
- crazing
- fogginess

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